Tassie Quad Bikes & Buggy's

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                                                    Warranty and Disclaimer Policy

At Tassie Quad Bikes we extend a 120 days Manufacturers warranty from date of purchase on all of our 4stroke range.
A 45 day warranty applies to our 49cc 2stroke quad bikes. 
Warranty only covers internal parts of the motor.
A 30 DAY warranty applies to external parts, some exclusions may apply for consumable parts. 

Condition of this warranty states, that the bike must be properly checked thoroughly before riding.

Our warranty does not replace parts which are consumable or expendable such as globes, gaskets, ignition coils, wiring, clutch, clutch springs, fuses, chains, tyres, shock absorbers, cables, brake pads/shoes, battery and carburettor unless they were faulty initially. Warranty also does NOT cover wear and tear or damage due to mishandling, misuse, accidents, neglect or intentional damage caused by the user or by any other event.
We will not be held liable for & warranty is voided if engine is not run in properly and faults occur due to this on this item, the user/purchaser is waiving the the seller any responsibility for any damage or injury incurred as a result of riding the pocket bike or otherwise. We are under no circumstances liable for any injuries or harm caused a result of using the bike, improperly or otherwise. Parent supervision is mandatory when the rider is a child. Helmets are to be worn by the rider during all times when riding these vehicles. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that the bike has been configured safe and thoroughly check before riding.

In the event of claiming parts under warranty, please return the faulty part back to Tassie Quad Bikes and we will ship a replacement part free of charge excluding cost of postage. We can be contacted on 0408 389 786
Upon sale, the purchaser takes full responsibility for the condition, state and quality of repair. These bikes need to be maintained to the same level as a motor vehicle. We are not responsible for any issues arriving from improper maintenance.
We do not accept exchanges or refunds in whatever circumstances.
This product should not be used on public roads and should not be used by minors without constant adult supervision.
The bike will also require CONSTANT maintenance to ensure it is in safe working order, ALL bolts, nuts, cables, wheels, tyres, chain, sprockets etc MUST be checked before EACH ride to ensure that it is SAFE to ride!!!! Riders should at all times wear appropriate protective riding gear.